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(Yahoo!) - Pair a modern folk-rock classic with some hilariously erratic outburst from a "Saturday Night Live" vet, and you've got a solid musical mashup, as demonstrated by a new potential YouTube classic: "Ho Hey Harry Caray."

The folks over at Clip Nation are dedicated to curating "the best videos — before they go viral," and "Ho Hey Harry Caray" is certainly a good reason to abuse the "Play" and "Share" buttons on your computer this week.

Will Ferrell created a fan favorite with his impersonation of Cubs announcer Harry Caray back in the early 2000s, and now the spastic exclamations he delivered as Caray are making an online comeback. With the help of some well-timed video edits, they're the perfect addition to the original "ho's!" and "heys!" of the Lumineers' catchy chorus.