Here they are! The Top 25 Finalist that will be joining us on Monday Evening at the Brickyard Restaurant in Williamsport with a chance at winning either of the 2 Grand Prizes! Good luck everyone!!! Our staff will be contacting all of you with further information.

Kristi (Ardrey) Marshall – South Williamsport

Jill Arnold  -  Montoursville

Shawna Bartholomew  -  Williamsport

Donna Bower  -  Williamsport

Marcie Bowling  -  Williamsport

Ann Coolidge  -  South Williamsport

Robin Enderle  -  Linden

Marc Fortney  -  Jersey Shore

Robert Gardner  -  South Williamsport

LeRoy Harman  -  Williamsport

Kaitlin Holmes  -  Williamsport

Julia Howell  -  Danville

Darcy Ireland  -  South Williamsport

Greg Johnson  -  Williamsport

Jeanette LaForme  -  Allenwood

Jenna Lorson  -  Williamsport

Michael McAleer  -  Muncy

Betsy Nolan  -  Montoursville

Andrew Pulizzi  -  Montoursville

Marcia Reeder  -  Montoursville

Heather Scarborough  -  Montgomery

Mark Shoemaker  -  Williamsport

Giulio Tomei  -  South Williamsport

Teri Uppling  -  Montoursville


Mike Willoughby  -  Lock Haven