Soulja Boy is 24.  He's everything that's wrong with rap music . . . at least according to Ice-T.


 Alexandra Chando is 28.  Minx who stars on "The Lying Game" as twins Emma and Sutton.  That's the show everyone expected to get buried by Sarah Michelle Gellar's "Ringer".  Yet "Ringer's" dead and "The Lying Game's" still here.

Afroman is 40"Because I Got High".


Elizabeth Berkley is 42.  She was Nomi in "Showgirls" AND Jessie on "Saved By The Bell".



Alexis Arquette is 45.  Transgendered "sister" of Patricia, David and Rosanna Arquette.


Lori Loughlin is 50.  Uncle Jesse's wife, Rebecca Donaldson Katsopolis, on "Full House"!  She also played Shanae Grimes' mom on the rebooted "90210".

SALLY STRUTHERS! is 67.  Chubby star of "All In The Family" AND "Save the Children".  In 1994, "Save the Children" was ranked by "Money" magazine as one of the most effective charities in America.  Thank YOU Sally Struthers.


Jim Davis is 69.  Genius who created "Garfield".


Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright  (1943 - 2008)


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis  (1929 - 1994)  JFK's wife and the mother of Shirtless Rollerblader [slash] Sub-Standard Amateur Pilot John-John Kennedy.


Beatrix Potter  (1866 - 1943)  Children's author.  She did the "Peter Rabbit" books.


FRANK YANKOVIC!  (1915 - 1998)  "THE POLKA KING!"  No relation to Weird Al . . . although Al has said Frank WAS one of his inspirations.