Mom Sparks A Debate When She Admits Charging Her Family $40 For Christmas

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When we were kids, it seemed like whenever Christmas rolled around our homes magically transformed into a winter wonderland.

Stockings were hung, holiday cookies were baked, and the Christmas tree was decorated seemingly overnight. Of course, as adults, we know all the hard work that goes into preparing for the holidays. Because we are the ones doing it!

That's why a new plan to take the stress out of the holidays cooked up by British mom Gemma Andrews has everyone divided. It sounds ridiculous at first, but the mother of four (soon to be five) swears it's the only thing that makes Christmas bearable for her extended family.

In the past, Andrews had guests no-show her Christmas dinner, after she had already paid for the food and drinks. The next year, everyone "forgot" the dish they were meant to bring for a potluck dinner.

That left Andrews scrambling to buy and prepare a dinner herself.

After putting up with all that, while cooking the entire Christmas dinner herself, Andrews had reached her limit. Her solution was to charge guests to her Christmas dinner $40 up front, and says the simple trick has guaranteed everyone in her family a merry Christmas.

But not everyone was convinced.

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