Austin Butler Recalls Paul McCartney's Insane House Party With Taylor Swift

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Austin Butler unveiled "insane" details about a crazy house party held at Paul McCartney's residence, with Taylor Swift as the DJ, and so much more, in a new interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night (June 17).

Buttler took his seat on the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage and immediately started discussing the party where he last saw the talk show host.

"Yeah... that was insane. It was insane." Kimmel himself described the celebration as "one of the craziest parties I've ever been to in my life." He continued:

"It was one of those parties where like Tom Hanks is going like 'oh my God can you believe who's here?'" Butler and Kimmel began to name a few of the many megastars present at the storied event in an effort to set the scene for the audience.

"The living Beatles, the living Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen," Kimmel rattled off a few names, and Buttler added that it was "crazy" to see Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in the same room.

"Taylor Swift showed up, and she was DJ-ing the party at one point," the Dune star beamed with delight. Butler detailed an unforgettable conversation that he had with Springsteen at the party that Kimmel also witnessed.

"...a story of him being a huge Elvis fan and hopping the gates at Graceland to try to get up there and he knocked on the door and he wanted to give Elvis a song." So the tale goes, The Boss actually made it to the door and a man answered. The "Glory Days" artist (who, by the way, was already very famous at this point in time) proceeded to ask if Elvis was home, to which the man replied, "He's in Tahoe."

Butler revealed that, despite being in a space filled with numerous Hollywood greats, the person he was most starstruck to see at the party was silver screen legend, Meryl Streep.

"She's the greatest...she's just the greatest and I felt like you know in high school when you have a crush on somebody and they're across the room and you don't really know how to say hello to them... that's how it was. I saw her there and I was like...I couldn't believe I was in the same room."

The standout met Streep later that night in the "Love Me Do" hitmaker's kitchen with a "slice of Paul McCartney's vegan pizza in my mouth." Butler concluded his description of the party with "what is my life," in sheer amazement that he's able to even spin a tale as unbelievable as Paul McCartney's legendary house party.

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