WATCH: Fuser Is The Fun Musical Escapism We Need Right Now

Kyle McMahon reviews and unboxes the Fuser video game; It's the fun musical escapism we need right now.

OK, so I may have come upon my latest addiction and it's called Fuser. The video game is created by Epic Games along with Harmonix and NCsoft. The creators of Rock Band and Dance Central have done it again with the fun, musical escapism we need right now.

The great folks over at Fuser sent me an incredible package that is billed as everything I would need to headline a music festival. You won't believe what's in this package! Additionally, I talk about the game and show some game play. PLUS you get your chance to win your very own copy of Fuser to play and believe me, you will want to play this game.

Check out my review of Fuser and the unboxing:

You may have noticed I've also been talking about Fuser on Pop Culture Weekly lately because I've been having so much fun playing it. The episode below is a fun episode where I discuss Fuser among everything else going on in movies, music, streaming, technology & pop culture.

So what do you think? Have you played Fuser yet? Let's talk about it. Or even hit me up and we'll play each other. You can check out the Fuser website and get involved with the awesome Fuser community as well. You can get Fuser at their website or on Amazon for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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